Truth vs. Morality; Rationality vs. Intuition

διά πέντε / dia pente


This post begins with, what I would call, an easy dilemma:

If God did not exist, and this was known, should a person still believe in God?

Most people would probably say ‘no’ (there are some who would say ‘yes’). But the answer to that question isn’t the whole story. I guarantee that there is a version of that question where you would be willing to lay on the side of anti-truth for the good of morality.

What is your threshold for anti-truth? Are there any facts that are too dangerous to know? Are there some other things besides god-belief where it is virtuous to believe in the belief?

One of the downsides of having a brain designed by a blind idiot[me: Yaldabaoth?] is that said idiot hasn’t done a terribly good job with limiting input or anything resembling “robust filtering”. Hence that whole bias thing…

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