The Greatest Psychologist


Drum roll please…..and the winner is…..

Charles Darwin!

This is a fascinating argument, which I have seen made implicitly but never as directly and as comprehensively as this. After all, many of the pioneers of psychology and psychiatry (William James, Edward Thorndike, Conwy Lloyd Morgan, Sigmund Freud) embraced a Darwinian interpretation of human mind.

The HuffPo article is a bit misleading, however, because it gives the impression that Charles Darwin was a guiding light throughout the rise of psychology as a science.  He was not.  Even in Darwin’s time, Wilhelm Wundt, widely considered one of the founders of experimental psychology, rejected Darwin’s account of the evolution of emotion. The early history of psychology in the late 19th century was dominated by a debate between Wundt’s anti-Darwinian “structuralism” and James’s Darwin-inspired “functionalism.”

In the 20th century, psychology came to be dominated by the “behaviorism” of J.B. Watson, a movement…

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Public “Education” Has Become Indoctrination


Valedictorian Erica Goldson reads her graduation speech, condemning modern public education as a tool for indoctrination and talks from her own experience about the longterm damage to the creative intellect of children caused by the rigid environment of the publc education system.

Following Erica’s speech, in a 10 minute video presentation Sir Ken Robinson discusses the need and possibilities for Changing Paradigms regarding how we educate our chidren and ourselves.

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Cognitive Bias Goes to Church: Irritation Meditation Number 4 (This Time With Smilies!)


atheist-reasonsI found this piece on Stumbleupon, I believe. As far as Memes go, I actually kind of like this one. And by ‘kind of” I mean ‘really’ …kind of.

You see, I look at this meme, and a part of me wants to shout; “Yeah Boyeeee!” (…preferably in the face of some believer who has just suggested one of the alternatives). It’s damned frustrating to deal with that kind of commentary. You know how it goes; “The only reason you don’t believe is blah blah, blah…” …Blech! Seriously I’ve heard that line way too many times (and apparently so did someone else). So, it’s nice to see a bold affirmation that one’s own judgement really is the basis of, …well, ones own judgement!

…as opposed to some dismissive third person narrative.

Still, I wonder, would this look any different from any other religious perspective? If I asked for ‘Reasons I…

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Left-hand turns require “huge” brain power, study shows; add hands-free cellphone and the brain can’t cope

Canadian researchers have shown for the first time that making left-hand turns at busy intersections — where the worst real-world crashes occur — requires far more brain power than right turns or other manoeuvres.

Throw in talking on a hands-free cellphone, and the brain becomes so distracted, it shuts down key areas needed for visual attention and alertness.

For their study, Toronto researchers slid volunteers into functional MRI machines, or fMRIs — scanners that capture the brain at work in real time by measuring changes in blood flow. The machines show how certain areas of the brain are activated, or “light up” under different levels of mental demand.

The team, in a feat of engineering that took more than a year and a half, fitted an fMRI with a virtual-reality driving simulator complete with a fully functional steering wheel, brake and accelerator pedals.

The study was inspired by neurological patients…

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